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Create your own avatar and keep jumping to the beat to avoid hitting the obstacles!

iDaft jamming

Create awesome jamming sessions with these popular Daft Punk sound boards.

Try the mini games for additional fun! ...aaaand frustrations!

iDaft Jamming is a trubute to Daft Punk's "HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER", "Technologic" and "Robot Rock"

TikSongs - The Parody Generator

Have fun with these parody soundboards while making your own wacky versions of the songs made famous on TikTok.

* JVKE : Upside Down

* Millie B : Soph Aspin Send

* DJ Kass : Scooby Doo Pa Pa

* Ricky Desktop : Banjo Beat

If you want to have a viral video on TikTok, this would be a good place to start!

Gangnam Master

Now YOU control the singing, Guitar Hero style, of this popular song!

See it mentioned in this article at gameskey.net about underrated casual games to play on iOS.

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