Når man får en idé som ikke kan slåes ud af hovedet er det rart at have en 3D printer...


As mentioned before the products are 3D printed (for now). The process involves first several iterations in a 3D sculpting program and then 3D print the part until the final product looks and feels perfect for releasing to production.

Denne online shop tilbyder 3D printede funktionelle produkter. Skulle nogle af produkterne gå hen og blive populære vil en mere effektiv produktionsmetode blive valgt.

Puzzle Ball Conceptualizing

So one day I got the idea of making a puzzle with the use of magnets configured in a special order. Of course those magnets needed to be attached to something and the ball shape immediately came to mind.

I made many designs both by drawing but also 3D printed prototypes. Finally I settled on the current design with 8 of these half wedges. Each having 4 magnets embedded and a center ball.
Now when you try to put the pieces together they will either attract or repel or both... It’s your goal to have all pieces attract each other on all sides.

Selection of materials

Primarily matte colors have been selected for the balls. Not only does these colors give a more esthetic and pleasing look but will also hide the layers from the 3D printed production method a bit.